Month: November 2017

Level 6

Negotiated Studies 1 (Research & Design)







As you can see above is my digital storyboard I only use Photoshop to digitalis my storyboard I didn’t make sketches of a storyboard. I rather than use Photoshop or any digital software for this assignment. For my storyboard is all about a young girl dreaming of little bright lights illuminating around and attempts to catch jellyfish them with her giant net given by her friend, Penguin. Despite, failing in her attempt to catch them, she still persists. I look at the animated films from my childhood with a new appreciation and now I fully understand the extent of the work that went into each scene. I love all the little details in the animation that give the characters a connection to the audience especially my aim for this animation will be young children. While I did my story-boarding of my ideas. I wanted to make a story that can captive the audience and could tell heartwarming stories.

The motivation for this project is close to my heart in which it involves my childhood and my passion for anime. During my childhood it is either playing outside then after watching Japanese anime in which opened my eyes in this kind of animation which is different from western animation in which I am used to i.e. looney tunes, cartoons from cartoon network, etc this sort of animation is new to me the way the facial features are exaggerated is oddly satisfying one scene can be emotional then it becomes comedy that is one of the reasons why I respect Japanese animators because of how they portray each scene with details that are easily recognisable.


Research (video)




These are the videos that I have watched gathering about the topic for this project. My project is all about our dream”, why did I choose this the topic to animate for this project. I think it is appropriate since we have been experiencing dreams in our everyday lives. According to this website, “Dreams are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep. Dreams can be vivid. They can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And they may seem confusing or perfectly rational.” For my project, I’m going to do something unique 2D animation for this project. I wanted to challenge myself to do something new and push myself to the next level of my ability. My target audiences for this project will be young children ages 5 ages old. Since I have niece and nephew that I have babysat I wanted to create a children educated animation in the future. They are my inspiration why I did this animation for this project.

During the research that I have done so far we experience dream this includes emotion like fear, sad, happy and more emotion that we can think.  For this project is all about a young girl who dreams about attempts to catch jellyfish them with her giant net given by her friend, Penguin. As you can see in my storyboard is very straightforward and easy to understand the story-line. However, due to my lack of time management, did not do the animatic I when straight to animation. In my opinion, if I did animatic this project I probably won’t be able to finish on time.

My inspiration for this project is catching jellyfish is SPONGE-BOB. A few months ago I remember that my nieces they are watching SPONGE-BOB and they are trying to follow what sponge bob do this include catching jellyfish with a crab net. I’m not a fan of sponge-bob because of my nieces they watching it. I don’t have a choice but to watch it, on the other hand, it really handy to get some inspiration from sponge-bob. Even though sponge bob is not really my type of cartoon style.


Shot (Sleeping, Walking, Running, and Jumping )




Above some of the reference video for my project. Using my niece as my reference for my video it is hard for me to establish shot for this project I don’t even know where to start.

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I have use the Edward as my inspiration for my project especially different movement that I can incorporate my animation.


Sketches (Possible character)

Sketches (traditional)


I’m not really fan of traditional drawing style i did not make any sketches. I prefer digital style drawing however, I have created some of traditional drawing but I did use my previous sketches I did not create a new sketches. Since I have lack of time I did not make sketches I rather when straight to digital.

Sketches (Digital)

Using my previous sketches for this project. I didn’t do new sketches for this project. I wanted to use my previous character design, however, it doesn’t go well on my background as well on my theme.

Below, is my first idea sketches of the characters. However, I did not finish it because I believe it will take my time if I will continue. My concern on my first idea is the rendering part it scares me because of much texturing, colour and music. It will crash my laptop plus the rendering it will take me awhile. If I have a proper laptop in which can handle the texturing plus rendering why not I will continue and develop this idea maybe in the future I will. But for now, I want this project really simple I believe that my target audience is more important for this project.


These past few months, I’ve been working on this sketches. As you can see I have based my character on my target audience. However, I realize that my character is a young girl I didn’t do some sketches of a young boy but I tried to used my previous sketches it did goes well so I decided to use the young girl rather than young boy. Because I don’t think I have time to sketch or draw some characters for this project due to lack of my time management outside the university.

Above is my sketches of a young girl who dreams of catching a jellyfish with her imaginary friend. I have watched a different animation about dreams as you can see in my research videos.Firstly, I didn’t want to make a 2D animation but rather I want to do 3D animation. Since I have done some 2D animation in my previous project I have some ideas for this project. However, I don’t know where to start during the preproduction of this project it took me awhile to build and create this animation. My inspiration for this project is Studio Ghibli by Miyazaki Hayao. Everyone in animation industries known Ghibli Studio. Especially their characters are unique and very precise details. I really think that I can do some character design similarly like Ghibli. Below is one of my favorite Ghibli film; this is my inspiration for this project.

Image result for ghibli characters

I use digitize sketches for this project; I believe that it is what I’m comfortable digitize sketches rather that drawing traditional. However, I have put some of my traditional sketches that I have done in the past project.


Background and Colours scheme




Above is a potential background environment for this project. I have created this background using Abode Flash however, I can not decide whether this background will be good and suitable for the character. As weeks go by I have decided that I will make the background that is really simple and I have chosen dark colour background this include dark blue and grey. I think it is really appropriate for this project to use dark colours also I wanted to focus more on the main character. However, I didn’t use bright colours for the character I don’t think it goes well on this project. I wanted to create a simple dark colour.

As you can see above I use Abode Colour Scheme. The background environment that I have created is plain dark blue with grey during the pre-production of my project. I can’t decide whether if I will use the bright background for my environment and use dark colour scheme for my characters. However, I don’t like the results of having a bright scheme colour environment with dark scheme character it doesn’t go well.


I only choose a dark colour for this project. I didn’t use bright colour it took me awhile to choose a colour for this project. But in the end I decided to for simple dark blue also my previous project last year I put to much colour and when I render my project it took me how many hours to render. For this project I wanted to be more simple, however, there an impact on my target audience.


Background Music





Above is the music that I have used for this project using Audacity software I have used this music as my reference music for this project. For me, music is the hard part for me because I need to timing and momentum of the animation. However, for this project is really simple I did not complicate this project I just created similarly with a lullaby music since my target audience will be young children.





In this project, I will be using Adobe Flash. I think I’m confident and quite familiar with this software. I have been using this software last year with my previous animation works. However, I think there still need to improve my skills because of my knowledge is very limited there still more to learn about in Flash this includes the coding which is my weakness but I have not use coding for this project may be in the future I need to learn how the coding work. I want to explore more about 2D software in the future especially the coding area which is my weakness.


I use Photoshop for texturing and colours. Above I have used different colours that I think is suitable for this project. It took me awhile to decide which colour I should use. But as weeks goes by I decide to use cold colour rather than warm colour. Also, I based my character on my background environment that I will be using for this project.

There are so many Photoshop brushes that you can choose from. This gives a special effect to your photo or the layout that you are working on. You will see how brushes could bring your design to the next level when you get to choose the right one and apply it to my design.





Above as you can see I have used Audacity edit some background music for this project. I did not claim that the music that I have used is not mine. However, but using Audacity effects to edit music that I will be using for this project.

Final Project



This is my project is all about a young girl dreaming of little bright light illuminating around and attempts to catch jellyfish them with her giant net given by her friends, Penguin. Despite, failing in her attempt to catch them, she still persists. I look at the animated films from my childhood with a new appreciation and now I fully understand the extent of the work that went into each scene. I love all the little details in the animation that give the characters a connection to the audience especially my aim for this animation will be young children. While I did my story-boarding of my ideas. I wanted to make a story that can captive the audience and could tell heartwarming stories. During the pre-production for this project, it really so hard to think for ideas that can appeal to the target audience also as you can see on my research I’m really debating whether if I’ll make 2D or 3D animation for this project. By the help and guidance of my tutors I manager to create a 2D animation for this project. Like what I have said during my research my previous project last year is 2D animation. Since I’m familiar with 2D animation why not to make another 2D animation. For my next project I’ll do 3D animation; why I’m choosing 3D animation I believe that I can do 3D short animation even though I’m not familiar

However, I have to think new ideas for this project and I want to push to myself and created a heartwarming animation. I really like creating a short animation, especially it has a story behind also it has an appeal to the target audience. I have to watch different short animation just to create a new a unique project for this year. We all know the Ghibli Studio they created a unique and heartwarming story-line that every young child and young adult really like watching Ghibli animation. Since my nationality is Filipino this also has big the impact for me to create a unique animation that I can incorporate into this project.

A bit of a historical background of Japanese and Philippines this was taken for my dissertation research. During the early 1990’s the term anime is about the style of animation that originated in Japan thus the word anime is born. In the last twenty years, the popularity skyrocketed in mainstream media not only in the Philippines but in the whole world, especially in the west. Show’s like Dragon Ball or even One Piece has a huge following, a Japanese Studio called Study Ghibli is one of the pioneers to bring Japanese animation overseas which gained popularity and made its mark thru society and now the whole world not only in Japan knows the word anime. The Philippines is renowned which makes me proud as a Filipino as one of the top choices of Western countries to outsource their work with its cheaper labor and abundant creative talent. However, given the different forms of animation, Filipino animators are inclined in 2D animation, a more economical and less intensive kind, rather than the more advanced techniques.

Due to my time management for this project. Overall I think I did well and I’m really happy with the outcome of this project. However, if I have more time I will do the animatic since it is acquired in the brief to create an animatic. I believe that I have done most the assessment criteria for this project. In my opinion, I think I can do better if I have time. Upon reviewing my animation I found some mistake this includes the shadowing, texturing and colour. I didn’t pay attention to this area.

Below, is my first idea, however, I did not manage to finish on time I have lack of time management. If I have time to finish this project I will continue this in the future. I have some concern regathering on this project. My first concern will be the rendering this will be the hardest part for me since I do not have a good laptop to animatic. I have tried to animatic this project however, my laptop always crashing that’s why I decided to change and make a new project. I did make a storyboard as you can see below. This story is about mother nature we as human begin are destroying our own environment. However,