Category: ARD406 Influences


Claude Monet

I choose him as my influence and inspiration; because of his art work that he has done during his period of time.He was “one of a group painters who created “Impression”.  I remember during my high school days in the Philippines my art teacher shown us Monet’s painting in the class. During that time I was amazed  on his painting especially the ‘Water Lilies’. His texture using his brushstokes, I notice that his technique which vary from think to thin, with tiny dabs light, adding contours for definition in all his painting, he also working the colour form dark to light.


Tim Burton

His one of my favorite director of all time. One my favorite Tim Burton’s movie would be the “Corpse Bride” it was released in 2005; this shown the truly and uniqueness piece of movie because of his art work. In all Burton’s movie you will know from the start that this is his movie because of his”dark and Gothic” stop motion film this is his trademake and people will remember him.


Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki is one of my favorite Japanese director; he is Japan most successful filmmaker cultural exports. In 2001 film “Spirited Away” the story is all about “a young girl exploring a bizarre fantasy realm to find a cure for her parent”. This captive and inspired me because as a daughter who I love and I willing to do everything for my parent just to save them. This is film won the “Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2003.” I believe that this film deserve to win the title because it have amazing story that inspired young children and adult as well. The film aimed at children, with a sophisticate theme that are really suitable for children.




Takashi Murakami 

I went to Tokyo Japan in 2010. I went to see Murakami he is the biggest “contemporary art in Japan”. According to his pointed out that, unlike the west, Japanese artists have used flat, in which his 2-dimensional imagery for centuries and continue to use it in anime and manga, to this day. As a biggest fan of Japanese culture I learning the most Japanese artist they are using “post-war pop culture” in Japan they come up with the super-flat art movement. This mean  the “Superflat, a term coined by artist Takashi Murakami to denote his anime-inspired style of art, is used by other artists in Asia and abroad.”


Robert Wise

He is the an “American movie director and producer”. He has direct of one amaze film and one of my favorite classic film of all time; the Sound of Music”.  Why I like this film so much even though that this is old classical film it’s about love of life, trust, family, friendship and partnership is genuinely inspiring and rings eternally true. I could say that I have watched this film several times which I really enjoy watching it until now.