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London Trip

During my experience during London Trip; it was really a privilege to go on different animation studios like (Framestore, Bluezoo, Lupus, Elf factory, and Nexus Studio).


It is a great experiences for me to know how they do there animation, I never thought that it would be complex and detailed to do one series of animated films and commercial. I notice during my visited in different studios I found out that working as team is really essentials to do create a good animated video. All the companies we visited they talk about the opportunities and career ahead for us. I remember during the talks they told us about applying a job after graduating, we need to focus on the area that we are good at or what are the strength and specialization we are looking for. Also, all animated studio we when do shown us there work and how they make it.

I, therefore conclude during this trip in London gain me the confident to believe myself that I could became a good animator someday. Creativity is the important factory, also learning different software for example (Maya, Flash, Photoshop and many different software to create an animation). Like I said good team work is the key and main factory in making an animation (films and commercials). It is really interest and it was a great experience me for to visit such wonderful animation studio. During my venture around in London after the day of walk going to different animate studios. I myself have a venture with my own.

I went UAL: London College of fashion: since I love fashion I went to see there designs of clothing. This is the University the I dream when I was young; because fashion designer is the career path I wanting for myself. It is a privilege that I could went to this university to visit.


Also, I went to the famous 9 3/4 platform in King-cross station, this is the train station going to “Hogwarts” in the Harry Potter movie. Also, there is a store beside the 9 3/4 platform there is a store that selling Harry Potter stuffs and there used in the movies, souvenirs as well.

During the London trip this is me when I went home.