Level 5


Spider diagram


While during this assignment I’m struggling shooting this video because I have to use Adobe Affect Effect to stabilize the movement of the camera. Also, I have 3 choices of example for this assignment since it is hard to shoot in a moving vehicle. I have chosen the last video for the tracking, on the video, I will track the light of the car and put the sign of the vehicle this will indicate the brand of the car in front of me. As well I was struggling on editing the if you look at the sticker in the left corner of the car. I could say that this is the struggling part of me because this affects my tracking because my car has a sticker on the left corner. However, after watching different tutorials of tracking, I manage to use put the brand sign of the car. I notice while I’m tracking using Adobe Effect my laptop always crash it happen a couple of times the reason I think I struggling to edit the video. I think because I tracked a moving vehicle it is the hard part of me because ever time the car moves I have to tracked the moving of the car that I been tracking.

Green Screen




I shot the video I wanted for the green screen. In this video, I wanted to walk the character in a different place that they haven’t been to. For my draft, I have tried to use the image of a castle. Using Adobe Photoshop I have adjusted the brightest and the contest of the image, also I have used a different background of the sky to make it darker.

I have some of a video during my holiday in which I could incorporate in this assignment. During the layover in Paris Airport, I decided to record some people walking around the airport. However, I have don’t have enough time to make this more details and realistic. Also, I have not put some background music.


If I have time to chance I could like to put some shadow on the first video to make it real also I could like to add more depth for example sound which I forgot to put on the video also shadow. I feel this is my weakness during the pre-production also my time management in which my personal time involve because of my holiday in the Philippines. However, before I went for my holiday I make sure that I have done some of my assignment. On the second video, I think the camera perspective is really bad that character is walking in the different direction.


Spider diagram


Possible example my composition. My idea for my composition.

Above is my first idea for my compositing. However, during the editing I’m struggling on editing the video because of the camera is not stable enough. Even though that I have use wrap ( https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/how-to/stabilize-footage.html ) of this video it does not stabilize the camera because of my mistake I forgot to use a tripod to be able to stable the camera. This affects the camera movement even I have used Adobe After Effect it still moving.

As well I have not had enough knowledge about masking a video this will also my downhill for this assignment, I have watched different tutorials on YouTube how to mask a video using Adobe After Effect or put some images and incorporate on the video.

Above is a video that I have shot this after my Holiday. I decided that I have to change the first video for my compositing. On this video I’m walking with my dog, I want to change the sky probably darker and some thunder.

Above is my first attempt of the composition. As you can see on my first attempt the editing is not good and not stable enough. I realize that I have not tracked the video that’s the reason why I think that the video is really shaky and not stable. As you can see below my second attempt I made some amendment on the second video.

This is my second attempted as you can see the video is more stabilize rather on the first one. However, I still need improvement as you can see in the last minute of the video it still not stabilizes as the house is moving. I still need to figure it how to stabilize the whole video. I realize t


I, therefore, conclude that during the pre-production I find myself struggling on the editing of the first video. I decided to change everything and do it redo from the start and re-shot. Since I have been on my holiday I did not have enough to put some background music and put some detail to make it real. I also need to watch some tutorials so I can gain more knowledge about the video and I could incorporate it.

My time management is affected because of my personal holiday this will be the downside my assignment. This probably one of the weaknesses of my assignment and the reason why I missed my assessment last week. Overall I think I did my best but I think I need more improvement, for example, I forgot to put some background music. I need to watch more tutorials about Adobe Effect since I’m not familiar with this software and it is my first time to edit a video using Adobe Effect. Next time if I have time to create this project again I will make sure that I will organize my time management before I will have my personal holiday. Also, I notice that on the video I should have stayed in one place rather than walking around because it is hard to track the people especially the walking part on the video. However, I feel pleased with the outcome and the thing I have done so far even though in a short time of editing.

Maya Progress….

This is my Maya model work. This is my few Maya work, I will upload later on because ever time I open Maya my laptop always crash down.


Below is a Flash game that I have created. During my holiday we have a layover in the Airport and it is a long flight ( 26 hours ) going to the Philippines. During the 26 hours of flight, I decided to create a game using Flash since I have nothing to do during the flight.

The game is about avoiding the bullets and kill the enemy once you archive the points you can go to the level. In even levels, there is a certain point and it will become harder and you will fight the boss in the end. I will make a trailer on the game I still need to finish if I have enough time.

Social Campaign




Putting a live dog, or any animal, in boiling water, or a hot oven, or using a blow torch on cats, is absolutely wrong every animals deserves to be treated fairly and humane even though they are only animals harming them is TORTURE. The ‘reason’ that is given for cooking animals alive is that they simply “taste better” after their bodies are adrenaline soaked with fear and pain. ‘Taste’ is never an excuse for unspeakable cruelty, nor is ‘culture’ an excuse. China is as country is becoming a global leader in different aspects, but in a clear standpoint, they have traditions which accepted culinary method of eating dogs and cats. China AND Korea are going to be looked upon as backward nations by the rest of the civilized world because of their so called traditions that they partake as people that consuming dogs and cats as food (one foot in the 21st century and one foot in a primitive age). Any animal placed in boiling water or cooked should not be placed in this situation you can only imagine the pain, despair and doomed to a slow and lingering death. Animals in the food chain should, at the very least, be given the most humane death possible and be treated fairly this should be the every first thing when dealing with animals.


Sketches and Digital

Background and Texture


I decide to made a simple background so that they can understand the context of the video. I only use two colors and that is brown and pink. I choose this color because I don’t want too bright color I wanted the audience to focus on the context of the video.



Finish Product


This is the final piece for my Social Campaign. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this assignment. However, choosing this topic is really sensitive for me and very hard to research because of the images and violent I’m looking is too much. The topic I have to choose is all about ( Eating Dog ) I have to be careful of the thing I have to put on the video for those people are Dog lover like me. Also being a Vegan this also affect me by looking some images on the internet that disturbed me. A dog is an animal who shows love, to everyone, who do everything and who plays with you when you’re sad or you’re stressed.
It has been the best decision that I could have taken, people wonder if I miss meat and say no, I don’t miss suffering of animals in my mouth, I don’t miss something that is not necessary for my body, I don’t miss being eating something that for what I think is bad. This is only my opinion many people will misunderstand me the fact that they are not Vegan like me but on the other hand, people will understand me.

Since I originally come from the Philippines which is part of an Asia continent. When I was a kid I have heard in different news programmer that people from China, Korean and different part of Asia countries that they do eat dog or boiled them alive. In China they have a festival called YULIN this is a festival that they have to slaughter 10,000 cats and dogs. This event is set every 20 June in a rural and the poorest area in China called Guangxi Zhuang region. During my research, I found out this festival actually only began in 2010, according to the ancient history of China that “Dog meat were considered important offerings”. Also “Dogs were also sacrificed as food for the Gods”. In China, they believe that “Dog meat is commonly praised for its good taste and health benefits.” During my research, I found out that they use the Dog meat it supposedly also to enhances the male sex drive.

While doing some research I ask myself an important question how can they manage to eat the most loyal pet you have even had. It makes me feel sick seeing some images of thousand of dogs being slaughtered and butcher or boiled them alive. People from China there were blind with the tradition and they still carry this ancient tradition today. Growing up in the Philippines makes me wonderful that Chinese people have no mercy because I always heard about that their eat dogs or cat. Maybe that’s the tradition in China. I remember that was last year me and mum were walking and it was dark and there were teenagers one of the teenagers shouting to us “Chinese people don’t eat my Dog”. I don’t know if is the stereotype of some people that Chinese people do eat dog meat.

As you can see on the video I made it really simple for my target audience which my aim is for all ages. I wanted to make this video really simple and with a meaning so that I could catch their attention. I have use Adobe Flash to draw the character I did not use any of my drawing but I have use it with guildline to draw it on Flash.


Practice in Context

Sketches (Traditional and Digital)

Digital Photoshop and Illustration

As you can see above is a potential character that I could use for this assignment.

As you can above this are my potential characters for this assignment and I have to choose one character for this assignment I have chosen the girl with a blonde hair. I think that the character will be suitable for this assignment. I believe I could animate her and show her emotion and personality on this assignment it will have more potential.

I have tried the different color of her hair however it does not suit her personality. The personality of my character is a strong and confident woman that she thinks that she can conquer the world that she can be the best of the rest can stand with her own feet. So I decided that her hair should be blonde with a highlight of a pink color.



Background and Texture




Above is a potential background for this assignment. I have created this background using Abode Flash however, I can not decide whether this background will be good and suitable for the character. As weeks goes by I have decided that I will make the background really simple and I have chosen a black background with a Halloween theme. I also want to put a yellow window with a spider web this will stand out since the background is plain black I wanted to put some bright color to make more vibrant color.




During the pre-production, I decided to put a music box in the video this will be similar to story to the pandora box. According to the myth this is a myth that to open Pandora’s box” means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching negative consequences.” However, my character will be holding a music box rather than a jag in which the skull for the box will appear in front of her.  As you can see above I have tested on how to hold a music so I can apply it to the character when I’m using Adobe Flash. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pandora’s_box

Above is a video that I tested how to walk the character so I can apply it with the character.



For this assignment, I will be using Adobe Flash. I use Adobe Flash I think I’m confidence and I’m familiar with this software. I have been using this software because went I’m in college to do game design course I always use it. However, its been 3 years I haven’t been using this software there is some part of the video that I think I made mistake and I could not remember what to do. For example, I want to put some accessories on the character however I forgot how to track on this software. There is one way I have to redraw the character which is a lot of work for me since I will be going in the Philippines few week from now. I don’t have time to redrawn the character so I decided not to put some accessories.

Background Music

This are my choice of music for this assignment. I choose the first video call Lorde- Everyone rule the world I believe it really suitable for this assignment and it suit her personality and she think she can rule the world. I also tried the second music video on the character however it doesnt suit on my character. She will be going to lip syncing the music video since it is only more than 2 mins of the video.



As you can see above is my digital storyboard I only use Photoshop to digitalise my storyboard I didn’t make sketches of a storyboard. I rather than use Photoshop or any digital software for this assignment.

First Draft

Above is my first draft of my video. As you can see I have fully anaimated the video. However, I’m still thinking on a music background what to put and what would be suitable for this video .

Second draft

Here is my final video I think the music video that I have chosen is really suit the video very well. I believe that I did really well even for a short period of time that because my time managment since I have my personal holiday. Even though than my time management is affecting my personal holiday I have manage to do it on time.


I, therefore conclude that the overall outcome of this assignment is successful and I’m proud that I have able to animate this assignment. Because before I went to my holiday in the Philippines I have finished my character design also I have put some background music.The background and the music I think it really suit very well also the lip sycning goes as well I believe that I have covered what are in the brief.

However, there is some part of the video I think I need to change especially on the walking part. Before I went to my holiday in the Philippines, Marta and Marrise give me feedback on how far I’m on this assignment. They said that I’m not far off on this assignment because I’m worry that I might not be able to finish this assignment before going the Philippines. However, Marta told me that I need to fix the walking part which I have not pay attention on this part also the hand gestures. She also said that the character looks like robotics went she walk, upon reviewing the video I think the walking part is alright because the music really suit on how she walks with confidence that she can rule the world.


Specialist Study



Storyboard (need to scanning)

Research (Internet Source )

Aswang is a supernatural being, and frequently appears in the folk beliefs and folklores of the Philippines, especially in those of Christian communities in the lowland area. As I researched, Aswang can be traced back to the 15th to the 16th centuries, when it had already appeared on historical document recorded by the Spaniards, the colonists. In these papers, Aswang was depicted as “a native superstition” from the view pint of Spanish missionaries, trying to propagate their Catholic belief, or as “a demon” standing their God.

Research (Videos)

Research (Moving Running and Walking) Scanning..



Drone Shots (Walking and Running)


Normal Shots


Sketches (Possible Character)



Sketches (My Characters)

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Background (Music)

Background (Colour and Texture)

Color Wheel: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/?copy=true 

Sky Color







Lamp post


Wall Color







Plants and tress





Background (Philippines Area) Need more Upload

Background (Photoshop and Illustration)





1st Draft


Creative Future Week